About us


Kiboomu was created by Wendy Wiseman and Sherry Segal, two educators dedicated to using the power of music to enrich children’s lives.

During their 15 years spent in children’s education, the pair experimented with many different teaching approaches.

But after all their efforts, they found that nothing beat the power of a song to help kids learn.

When a lesson was accompanied by music, kids learned the material better and had more fun.

Long story short, Wendy and Sherry decided to use what they had learned to start Kiboomu, a company that applies the power of music to helping children learn, grow and have a whole lot of fun doing it!

Aside from teaching kids and running Kiboomu, you might know Wendy from her work managing a charity that fed and vaccinated millions of children worldwide, running a multimillion dollar children’s company or receiving the top 100 Canadian Entrepreneurs award.

Sherry worked for more than 10 years in marketing brands including Marvel, Disney, Sesame Street, Mattel, Hello Kitty, and Fisher Price. She has also worked as a publisher on award winning children’s books, and an ESL/ESLA teacher.

Wendy and Sherry are always (always!) reachable on Twitter and on Facebook.