Music Awards


Early childhood educators and parents will appreciate the educational value of this subscription plan, but most of all, preschool listeners will be singing, smiling and learning.
- School Library Journal

Helpful for toddlers and preschoolers beginning to tackle indispensable basic concepts.
- Moira McCormick, Disney’s Family Fun Magazine

Lively, clever and cute. Catchy tunes allow students to have fun while learning. The children love it!
- Eileen Spagnola-Goldstein, Principal

The Phonics Songs are a perfect companion to the whole language approach.
- Gert Migler, reading teacher

Your students will have groovy grammar and perfect punctuation after listening to all the Grammar and Punctuation songs.
- Creative Classroom

Highly recommended for home schooling, as well as community school curriculum supplementation.
- Midwest Book Review

Kid-friendly spelling songs makes learning basic spelling rules fun and memorable.
- Kirsten Martindale, School Library Journal

Ton of lively gems with a variety of musical styles.
- Midwest Book Review

My little students love the music.
- Eleanor Cowan, teacher

The math songs are a great supplemental activity to any math program.
- Lisa Radmer, Northbend Elementary School

Best music for kindergarteners ever!!!
- Karen from Ohio

My ESL preschoolers enjoy all the ABC songs. We are using the songs to teach the kids the abc of English in a very fun way. Thank you!
-Paola, Italy

I just felt I had to send you a little line and let you know how much fun my daughter, son, and even myself have listening and dancing to all the songs you offer in the subscription plan. Thank you so much!
- Shawna Bish ( Ariel and Kyle too )

I enjoyed the colorful and engaging music with my toddler! Definitely recommended.
- Jennifer Sacks

The alphabet sing-a-long songs are my 5 month olds favorite. I play it in both cars. It seems to be the only thing that will calm him down if he is upset. I will definitely be downloading more songs in the future!!!
- Cindy Gilliam

The Bible Songs are our favorite!! Thank you.
- Dawn Covey

Our kids love your YouTube videos. We just subscribed and are going to download music for the car. Thanks!
- Dan, New Haven, Connecticut

Hi. I recently subscribed. I run a retreat program and I think the bible songs are perfect for the retreats! The songs are great and appeal to many different ages! I have a 6 year old niece who sang every word to every song after only hearing it once! My 4 year old nephew also enjoys the music when he rides in my car! Thanks for a great collection of wonderful songs!
- Debbie

Hi, I purchased a subscription for my grandson. He loves your country songs so much ! Thanks…….
- Diane Keyser

We just got a subscription on Saturday, and already have heard some of the songs both about a million times (3 year olds will do that to you!) Thanks for that. I think what I like best about your music is that you make different types of music accessible to young kids. My husband and I have very eclectic tastes in music, and your songs have piqued my daughter’s interest in hearing different styles, like soca, afro-pop & reggae. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to downloading more soon!
- Anne Colton, Homewood, Illinois

Thanks! I really enjoy the music.
- Mary A. Hochberg

Hello, I really enjoy the classical lullabies selection. It is for my grandchildren who enjoys it as much as I did. Pediatric professionals claim classical music is very good for babies and children. Thank you for producing these songs. I hope to download more.
- Sincerely, Tokarski jr

Just wanted to send you a short note telling you how much my neice and I love your lullaby songs. My neice has a lot of allergy problems and nights are the worst; being itchy and unable to sleep; the lullaby songs are something I play and it is soothing to listen to and we rock her until she falls asleep. It is wonderful. I am glad there is a website to download all these songs. I would love to give these songs as baby shower gifts. Thank you.
- Rosemary McKee

Hi! It’s Karen from Ohio…I just spoke with you on the phone today about your GREAT MUSIC!!!! I forgot to mention that our 2 year old listens to all your lullaby songs! We listen to to the songs to get him down for his afternoon nap and at nighttime. It’s the BEST MUSIC ever!!! Just thought I’d let you guys know that you are doing a wonderful job and I am going to go and download songs for my kindergartener tomorrow!!!
- Karen, mother of 2 boys

I have two autistic children. I learned that these two kids can learn anything if it is set to music or said rhythmically. We downloaded all your ABC and Phonics songs. They play the songs non-stop. Thank you so much!
- Shannon T.

Your songs are a hit in my classroom. My students walk out of class singing your songs!
-Marcin, Poland

I listen to your lullabies with my baby at night before bed.
- Rocky, Fullerton, California

Great songs! My daughter loves your songs and has started to sing/dance/clap when listening to them. I like the variation in your music.
- MT, North Carolina

My preschoolers love your songs! I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing!
- Larissa, Brazil

Songs downloaded perfectly. The songs are great for 3 and 4 year olds. They love them!
- Gina, Dubai

My baby loves these songs. I play them whenever he is getting upset and he starts to smile and listens.
- Casey, Nebraska

There are many songs with animal sounds that they can make or hand signs. After a while, I find myself humming the songs too!
- Jennifer, San Francisco

I run a daycare and the kids fell in love with your songs. The parents also love them too and want more!
- Jackie Hayes, Daycare owner

Great customers service. Wendy and Sherry helped me get started. Children have a lot of fun from the first day and learn the songs super fast. They are very easy to incorporate into my lesson plan. Thanks!
- Kim Nakamura, Japan

Perfect for a 15 hour car trip! These award winning songs are fun, engaging and really got my kids singing and grooving to the tunes. I downloaded individual songs and created a personalized CD with my children’s all time favorite songs. Though I was not supposed to admit this in the review, even my husband was singing along to these songs on our road trip.
- Stacie Vaughan, Nova Scotia, Canada