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How To Use This Song

Jungle Animals song is perfect to use when teaching a Wildlife theme unit to preschool and kindergarten children.

The Jungle Animals song is great for introducing animals, animal sounds and action verbs. It also offers plenty of opportunities for kids to move around the classroom, acting as their favorite animals.

Just print the lyrics to the children’s song, play the MP3 download, and have the kids sing along to the Jungle Animals song!

Key animal gestures for the Jungle Animals song:

Lion: Place open hands on the sides of face like a lion’s mane.
Elephant: Have the children imitate an elephant’s trunk. Move hand downward away from nose waving it back and forth.
Chimpanzee (monkey): Scratch under arms with both hands and make a monkey face.
Boa (snake): Place hands together in front of body and move them forward like a snake moving across the ground.
Crocodile and hippo: Open and close arms in front of mouth, imitating a crocodile and hippo.

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