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How To Use This Song

Dry Bones song is a traditional English folk song and kids song.

Dry Bones song is the perfect song to help preschoolers and kindergarten students learn the parts of the body.

Before playing the Dry Bones song, teach these parts of the body: toe, foot, leg, knee, hip, back, shoulder, neck and head.

Once done reviewing the body parts, print the lyrics to the children’s song, play the MP3 download, and teach the Dry Bones song.

Play the Dry Bones song.

As the words are sung in the song, point to the different parts of the body mentioned.

Then, have the students join in.

The first couple of times you play the Dry Bones song, have the students listen and do the gestures to the song with you.

As the kids watch you and follow your gestures, they’ll be learning the words sung in song.

Before you know it, they’ll have caught on and will be singing along.

It’s a great way for students to learn by doing.

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