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What better way to jump into Fall and a new school year then with an Autumn song!

This Autumn song is a simple song to help preschoolers and kindergarten students learn one of the most colorful seasons of the year and the seasonal changes that take place.

The Autumn song celebrates fall with its falling leaves, crisp mornings and gusty breezes.

Students will learn about the birds flying south, the leaves changing colors, and animals storing food for winter.

It’s just perfect for a Fall theme unit.

Fall is one of the four seasons. It marks the transition from summer into winter. Fall is also called autumn.

Before playing the Autumn song, review any vocabulary words unfamiliar to the students.

The lyrics to the Autumn song can be found in our Songs & Lyrics section. Feel free to print as many as you need.

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Autumn song lyrics

Autumn’s here
That time of year
The leaves are falling everywhere

The sap will flow
The fruit has grown
The birds fly south
‘Cause it’s warmer there

Nature is preparing us
For what winter will bring
Animals are storing food
And hibernate ‘til spring

The colors shine
The view’s so fine
In shades of yellow, red and brown

And children play
In fields of hay
It’s autumn time in my hometown!
It’s autumn time in my hometown!

Fall Activity.

After listening to the Autumn Song, introduce a really fun activity to the class.

Leaf Craft!

Fall Leaves.


Preschoolers and kindergarten students will have a blast making this simple and colorful craft for Fall!

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s make Leaf art!

Craft items you will need:

  • Leaves
  • Small round craft dowel
  • Black marker (optional)
  • Blue construction paper
  • Glue

Craft instructions:

Have the children collect small sized leaves from outside, in all different colors and shapes.

Next, have the children apply glue to leaves and paste them all over the bottom of a sheet of construction paper.

Then, help the children break a dowel into a 6″ piece.  This will be the Lawn Rake handle.

After that, break a dowel into a 1″ piece and 3-4 tiny pieces for the Lawn Rake prongs.   This will be for the bottom of the Lawn Rake.

Have the children glue the Lawn Rake handle on top of the leaves.

Once done, have the children glue the 1″ piece at the bottom of the Lawn Rake handle.

Lastly, help the children glue the Lawn Rake prongs carefully.

Let dry.

When dry, using black marker, feel free to outline the Rake.

And, voila, the children have now made an easy and fun craft for Fall.

We hope you’ll find a lot of ways to use this Autumn song as a teaching tool at home or in the classroom with kids of all ages.


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