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Fall Song and Pasta Noodle Tree Craft For Kindergarten.

Fall Song and Pasta Noodle Tree Craft

Here’s a Fall Song and pasta noodle tree craft for preschool and kindergarten children!

This Fall Song and messy and fun handprint tree craft are the perfect activities to do with the children for a fall season lesson plan – at home or in the classroom.

Why Do Leaves Change Color? (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science, Stage 2) by Betsy Maestro is a wonderful book to read to children about what happens to leaves in Autumn as they change colors.

And, there are so many fabulous activities to go along with the book, like this Fall Song and pasta noodle tree craft for kids.

While the children are dying their noodles, play th Fall Song for kids in the background.

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The Fall Song for kids is a nice complement to this super fun kids fall arts and craft activity!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make an Autumn tree with the kids!

Craft supplies you will need:

  • Tree template
  • White card stock
  • Green paint
  • Different variety of pasta noodles
  • Fall food coloring
  • White vinegar
  • Ziploc bags
  • Glue
  • Brown crayon
  • Paper plates

Craft instructions:

Print the Tree template on white card stock.

Next, using a brown crayon, have the children color in the tree trunk.

In a Ziploc bag, help the children pour one 1/4 tsp of vinegar and a few drops of food coloring.

After that, have the children add the noodles to the Ziploc bag.  Close the bag and shake.

When the color on the pasta noodles is just as you like it, pour the noodles onto a paper plate to dry.

Repeat the process again, but with a different food color this time.

While the noodles are drying, take another plate and pour green paint onto it.

Then, have the children dip one of their hands into the green paint and, using their hand, make a tree top.

Let dry.

When dry, have the children glue the fall color noodles all over their Autumn tree and at the bottom of the card stock, to make it look like fallen leaves.

Fall Song and Pasta Noodle Tree Craft
And, voila! The children have now learned a Fall Song and made a bright and colorful Fall Pasta Noodle Tree! 

Just the perfect kids activities for Autumn! 

What a great hands-on learning craft for a Fall-theme unit!

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    This is so cute. I have bookmarked this page.

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