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How To Use This Song

Five Little Monkeys song is a popular English nursery rhyme and kids song.

Five Little Monkeys song is perfect for teaching young learners to count backwards. It’s also a really fun children’s fingerplay song too!

Just print the lyrics to the nursery rhyme, play the MP3 download, and have students sing along to the Five Little Monkeys song.

Five Little Monkeys song lyrics and actions

Five little monkeys
(Hold up five fingers.)

jumping on the bed.
(Jump up and down.)

One fell off
(Hold up one finger and then roll your hand down towards the floor.)

and bumped his head.
(Tap your fist to your head.)

Mama called the doctor and the doctor said,
(Put your pinky to your mouth and thumb to your ear like a telephone.)

“No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”
(Put one hand on your hip and wag your index finger)

Repeat the actions with the rest of the verses: Four fingers, Three fingers, Two fingers, One finger

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