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How To Use This Song

God Who Made The Earth song is a popular hymn song and christian song.

“It is I, your God, who made the earth. I made all the creatures who live on the earth. It is I who made the sky and who orders the stars.” (Isaiah 45: 12)

Be sure to include God Who Made The Earth song in your Sunday school and children’s church lesson plans!

Preschoolers, kindergarteners and grade school students are continually discovering God’s creations as they explore the natural world around them.

God Who Made The Earth song is the perfect song to kick off a unit on all of God’s creations.

It is also a great way to remind preschoolers and kindergarten children that God is always with them.

Encourage kids to end each day with God Who Made The Earth precious song of praise.

Just print the Christian lyrics, play the MP3 download, and have the kids sing along to God Who Made The Earth song.

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