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How To Use The Song

The Grandma And Grandpa song is a wonderful song for kids to sing to Grandma or Grandpa on Grandparents Day.

Not only does the Grandma And Grandpa song help teach children how to express different emotions such as excitement, expectation and love, but it can also be used to teach different activities they can do with their grandparents.

Grandma And Grandpa song is perfect to use when teaching an emotions or holiday theme unit such as Grandparent’s Day. Listen carefully to the lyrics of the song, and ask the children to identify with the different emotions and feelings that they hear in the song.

Then, have the children draw a picture of their Grandparents, and what they like to do with them. Then have them share their stories with the class.

Just print the lyrics to the children’s song, play the MP3 download, and teach and sing along to the Grandma And Grandpa song.

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