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All your child has to do is press the follow-the-light piano keys & sing along to these 3 fun award-winning children learning songs!




Toddlers, Preschoolers and ESL learners will learn words, letters, numbers, colors, shapes, body parts, food, days of the week, seasons and more with these 3 for 1 educational apps, that include a full kids music album of sing along children learning songs,  puzzles and coloring pictures!








“Both charming and colorful! Creates teachable moments whilst entertaining! Making animal sounds on a piano translates into big loud fun.”
App Craver review: 8 stars out of 10

“Is an excellent children’s learning music app that I highly recommend!”
Crazy Mike’s App review: 5 stars out of 5

“The fantastic touch keyboard just begs to be played with its light-up keys to guide your fingers to the correct notes.”
App Discover review

“We love the music app. A lot of fun and a great learning experience for kids!”
The Daily App Show review

“I have 5 year old twins. We have apps that teach them how to play the piano which my kids love. We started playing with Kiboomu Kids’ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star App when they were 3 and that literally taught my kids to play the piano in a few weeks.”
Shelly Kramer

“We love the colorful graphics and my daughter loves playing the piano!”
Heather Quinn-Shilling

“The kids are having fun with it. It’s our new favorite app!”
Chelle Cazella

Kiboomu hits it out the park with this great “stepping stone” music app for early learners.
Louise Sattler

I love their sing and play along piano apps!
Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah

The music from this little app is fun and enjoyable. My son whizzes through the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Piano app with the greatest of ease. And I thought I was tech savvy. I don’t have anything on my 2 ½ year old!
Kerri Jablonski

Age appropriate music app for toddlers and preschoolers and awesome for special needs kids learning their alphabet.  As soon as the song played, all the kids came running to see what I was doing. I gave each a turn and of course as amazed at how easy it was for them to try out the different settings and then actually record themselves playing. They loved it! So the YuckMouth clan gives 7 thumbs up!
Lisa @ YuckMouths And Austism

These music apps have been tested and approved by my 2 and 3 year old children and they have fallen in love with everything about them. They love singing and playing along and even like to dance to the music. If you have young children who love music and you want them to have a casual, fun introduction to music theory (rhythm, finger placement, notation, etc), I highly recommend you check out Kiboomu’s apps.

The kids were mesmerized by the colors, sounds and songs. My kids giggled, watched the piano keys and tried to sing along with the words. They began to dance around, singing and clapping. I’m a big advocate of singing and dancing so right there – I give the app two thumbs up. If it made my kids sing, move around and laugh, I’m happy!
Shara Lawrence-Weiss at Early Childhood News and Resources

I love the educational factor of First Words Sing And Learn. There is also a lot of definite reinforcement going on which is wonderful for learning. If you are looking for a GREAT stepping stone app that teaches children early learning skills like first words, alphabet letters, vowels, counting, seasons, colors, shapes, days of the week and more with 18 children sing along learning songs and 18 puzzles and 18 coloring pictures, then this is the app for your kids!
Felicia Carter

The ABC song and adorable illustrations will definitely attract toddlers and preschoolers. There are no iPhone apps like this available at the App Store. The ABC song is sung at a nice slow pace to ensure toddlers, preschoolers, English as a second language learners and children with special needs can keep up and learn. Every parents needs this iPhone music app for their kids – it’s fun, educational and interactive!

What’s especially cool about this music app is that it actually allows you to record not only your child playing the piano but also them singing the song!
Josh @ Dads Talking

The creme de la creme of children’s music apps.

Another excellent  app for children by Kiboomu (maker of ABC Piano, also reviewed by Appdictions), Toddler Sing & Learn makes easy to learn animals, objects, colors, numbers and much more. There are a total of 10 puzzles/pictures to color/songs to sing in each of the 3 sections. In the first section, Puzzles, children will match shapes of animals and objects to where they belong in the picture. After completing the puzzle, the app will sing a fun children’s song that your children will love to sing along to! Color, the second section, lets your child’s creativity flow as they experiment with different colors to fill the picture – all while the same catchy children’s song sings in the background! In the last section, Sing, your child can simply sing along to all of the different songs he or she was introduced to in the Puzzles and Color sections. With bright colors, great graphics and sound, and a simple user interface, Toddler Sing & Learn will quickly become your toddler’s favorite game!
Appdictions review: 4 1/2 stars out of 5

Favorite Music App For Kids! Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Kiboomu – Jude loves the song and he loves to “play” the piano along with the song.
Joy Charde

The twins adored the apps! They have listened to the song, and they have banged on the keyboard. I love that these are music apps that they can enjoy now, and also grow into!
Pam Thompson @ It’s Time For More Coffee

My four younger children love the drawing they can do on the iPad and I have been hearing them sing the songs around the house. The songs are catchy tunes and fun to sing along with. The First Words app is full of bright colors and easy for young children to navigate. They can drag images, easily understand the puzzles and follow along with songs.
Naomi Ellis

Playing a little piano is fascinating for kids. I was surprised how responsive the piano keys were and I liked how you could see the keys light up as you played, especially for kids who are a little bit older. Kiboomu does such a great job with providing simple, but interactive music apps that keep kids learning needs at the forefront.
Rachel Hammond

Kiboomu’s First Words Sing and Learn is a beautifully put together, bright and cheery App, with an abundance of learning right at your fingertips. This easy to use App features an extended CD full of 18 of the most popular classic children’s favorite songs that will have your little one clapping and dancing. Our littlest guy just turned a year old and was bouncing to the music as soon as he heard it. The pictures and sounds are also very engaging. My bigger two boys are 6 and 7 and they had a ton of fun too with it.

I downloaded the app and let my four year old –well, she will be four next week! – play around with it. The first thing she did was color. She loves coloring on the iPad and she loved it even more with the songs playing! Of course, her favorite activity of all is puzzles. It was cute watching her name the items she was moving to fit in the proper place. She would occasionally ask what something was, but most of the time she was too busy with the app to even notice I was in the room with her! I love the combination of music, activities, and learning.