Our Kids Music Videos Page!

Music Videos are a Fun Way for Kids to Learn!

Kiboomu Kids Songs has over 50 MILLION views on our YouTube channel, with more than 180 music videos and 100,000 visitors
a day!

Our Kiboomu Kids Songs music videos engage children, provide
a fun visual learning environment, and are sure to be a hit in any home,
daycare or classroom!

Kiboomu music videos are created by award-winning and experienced educators to meet the needs of teachers and parents who teach preschoolers and students in grades K-3.

When young learners watch and listen to our kids songs music videos, they will immediately enjoy how fun and easy the songs are to learn through gestures and dance.

Children will be so captivated by the kids songs and engaging images, they’ll want to watch and sing along over and over again.

Kiboomu Kids Songs offers one of the largest collections of best-selling and award-winning Songs for Children in the world – with song lyrics, sheet music, videos, and English, French and Spanish kids songs and nursery rhymes.
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