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Actions For This Song

Playtime Marching Song is a high-energy action song that gets preschool and kindergarten children up and moving.

The Playtime Marching Song is perfect to use as a warm up song to start the class or for a transition between more quiet activities.

Just print the lyrics to the children’s song, play the MP3 download, and have the kids sing along to the Playtime Marching Song.

Activity Ideas:

1. The simplest way to use this song is to make a line, or circle, and march.
2. Try marching with tambourines, rattles or other fun noise making instruments.
3. Have all the children make a special Marching Hat. Each time the Playtime Marching song is sung, have all the students wear their hats.
4. Select one child to be the leader at the head of the line and provide them with a baton or whistle to make it extra special.

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