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How To Use The Song

The Shapes song is a simple song for practicing shape recognition.

The Shapes song is also a really fun children’s finger play. Students will have a great time singing and creating different shapes with their hands.

It’s just perfect for circle time!

Just print the lyrics to the children’s song, play the MP3 download, and have the kids sing along to the Shapes Song!

Here’s what to do:

1. Before singing the Shapes song, play the song in the background and review the basic shapes with the children. The Shape song practices circle, square, triangle and rectangle)
1. Gather students sit in a circle.
2. Play The Shapes Song.
3. Have the children sing along and mimic your actions.

The Shapes Song Lyrics and Actions:

There are many kinds of shapes
I see them everywhere
I love circles and rectangles
Triangles and squares


When I go walking I see circles
Everywhere I go
A circle is round like a steering wheel
It’s shaped just like an “O”
(Make a circle with hands)

Like the big bright sun
And a cinnamon bun
And the wheels on a bicycle
Round and round they go

Like a big balloon
Like the big full moon
How many kinds of circles
Do you know?


I see squares when we go to town
They’re everywhere you turn
They have four sides of the very same length
Let’s see what we can learn
(Make a square with hands)

Like a pizza box
And my toy blocks
Equal sides of 1,2,3,and 4
Like a picture frame
Or a windowpane
A square is just a shape that I adore


Here and there I find triangles
Look around and see
And a triangle has three sides
One and two and three
(Make triangle with hands)

Like a pizza slice
A piece of pie is nice
How about a great big
Ice cream cone?

Like a volcano
Or the sail on my boat
Or a steeple, or the shape of the roof
That’s on my home


I share my house
With a lot of rectangles
Let’s just take a look
With two sides long
And two sides short
They’re shaped just like a book
(Make rectangle with hands)

Like my front door
And the rug on my floor
Like a fridge, like a brick
Like a bed, like a stereo

Like a Kleenex box
And my grandfather clock
I see rectangles
Everywhere I go!

There are many kinds of shapes
I see them everywhere
I love circles and rectangles
Triangles and squares.

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