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Down by the Station song is the perfect song to use when teaching a Trains thematic unit or Transport thematic unit to preschoolers and kindergarten students.

In the Down by the Station song, children are introduced to train stations, puffer bellies (steam trains), station masters and railways.

Play Down by the Station song and have the students chug around in a circle with their arms and fists moving like pistons, making the toot toot sound.

Then, have all the children participate in a really fun dance game, the Train Game.

Find the lyrics to Down by the Station song in our Songs & Lyrics section.   Feel free to print as many as you need.

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Train Game.

1. Select one student to be the engine of the train.
2. As the Down by the Station song is playing, have the child chug around the room and back up into another student.
3. The new student places their hands on the other child’s shoulders, making the train longer.
4. They then chug around the room and back up into another student.
5. The game continues until all of the students are part of the train.


After Down by the Station song is over, extend the lesson even further by introducing another fun activity to the class.


Students will have a blast coloring in this super creativity-boosting train coloring page.

Coloring helps young children’s fine motor development and builds strength and dexterity necessary to hold crayons appropriately.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab the crayons and let’s color!

We hope you’ll find lots of ways to use Down by the Station song as a teaching tool at home or in your classroom with kids of all ages.

Train Coloring Page.

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