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How To Use This Song

Word Family and rhyming word songs are a simple, easy and fun way for kindergarten and grade school children to learn how to read.

Rhyming words often contain the same word family – a spelling pattern that stands for a sound.

When learning to read, patterns are important.

Word families help children recognize word patterns as opposed to sounding out the words.

The Word Family Short Vowel Rap song uses easy rhymes that end with the short vowel sounds.

By adding different consonants at the beginning of each short vowel, children will soon be singing the song and rapping along!

The Word Family: Short Vowel Rap song is great for playing in the background in the classroom, at home, or in the car so that kids can gradually recall these short vowel sounds.

Play Word Family: Short Vowel Rap song as often as necessary.

Simply change up your activities and games.

Students will love mixing it up.

Just print the lyrics to the Word Family song, play the MP3 download, and have the kids sing along to the Short Vowel Rap Song!

Learners of all ages, at home or in the classroom, will love this fun, musical way to learn word families.

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